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Turbolinux 10F...
Manufacturer: Turbolinux
Manufacturer Part #: TURB10F
Part #: TURB10F
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Based on Turbolinux 10 Desktop, Turbolinux 10 F... is the latest desktop operating solution from Turbolinux that brings Multimedia to your fingertips. 10 F extends functionality to support a variety of streaming video, audio and multimedia content delivered over broadband. 10F... Fun, Fast, Future, Freedom, Flexible. Please find your "F".

Main Components

  • kernel 2.6.0-7 / glibc 2.3.2 / XFree86 4.3.0 / gcc 3.3.1 / rpm 4.2 / KDE 3.1.5 / GNOME 2.4

Watch Commercial DVDs on Your Desktop

  • Turbolinux is the first Linux distribution company to partner with CyberLink to offer PowerDVD for Linux.
  • Watch DVDs encrypted with CSS (Content Scrambling System) legally.
  • Dual Subtitle Display - display two subtitles simultaneously on your screen.
  • PowerDVD is certified by Dolby Laboratories for Dolby Digital sound output.

Play Windows Media Content
  • Includes "Turbo Media Player", an open source-based media player
  • Enjoy playing Windows Media-based content, including Windows Media Video 9 and all other versions of Windows Media Audio except for Windows Media Audio Pro.
  • Turbolinux is the first distribution to license the official Microsoft WMF codecs.
Play Macromedia Flash and Java Applet Applications
  • Includes Flash Player for Linux. Play Flash enabled content on the internet.
  • Play interactive Java-based games as well as a variety of useful applications available on the internet.
Connect to your Apple iPod
  • Turbolinux 10 F can communicate with your iPod, the most popular portable audio player on the market.
  • Upload mp3 and m4a (non-protected AAC) files or delete songs from your iPod.
  • Create and modify your playlists.
  • Extract tag information (title, album, artist, etc...)
Communicate with Your Friends or Co-workers
  • Includes Instant messenger support for MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, and AIM.
  • Supports multiple protocols, making it possible to connect to multiple services with a single client.
Play RealVideo, RealAudio and MP3 (MPEG Layer3)
  • Enjoy playing RealVideo, RealAudio and MP3 format audio.
  • RealPlayer 8 Basic includes MPEG Layer-3 audio decoding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson, used by permission by RealNetworks. Turbolinux sublicenses product from RealNetworks.
Windows Familiarity and Compatibility
  • 10 F provides a user-friendly and unified look and feel that resembles Windows including: My Computer, My Documents, Windows Network (My Network), Simple menus.
  • Click on "My Computer" to easily access files on the local hard drive, CD-ROM, floppy disk, attached devices or other networked machines.
  • Access USB flash memory or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) removable media via Dynaplug, functionality developed exclusively by Turbolinux.
  • Support for Japanese folder and file names.
  • Check print jobs via Print status icon on the desktop.
  • Read PDF files simply by clicking the PDF icon within the web browser.
  • Support for drag and drop.
  • Easily create compressed files (ZIP) by clicking the right mouse button.
  • Embedded bitmap fonts are more visible, especially for users with LCD displays (laptop users).
  • KDE 3.1.5, GNOME 2.4, and 1.1 are included.
  • Turbolinux 10 F includes 30 day, three incident e-mail-based installation support.
  • Registered users receive e-mail based security announcements.
  • Please read our return policy before purchasing. (link to
Materials included
  • 3 CD-ROMs: Install Disk 1, Install Disk 2, Install Disk 3.
  • End User License Agreement
  • Release Notes
  • English Installation Guide and PowerDVD User's Guide is included in HTML located on Disk 3.

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